Core Features

  • Matter / Experience Database – Aggregates relevant matter data from multiple sources into a central repository to create a clear view into the firm’s experiences. Business-driven metadata configurations allow the firm to decide what matter information to track and manage. Application includes a robust set of out-of-the-box fields, support for multiple values, user defined custom fields, unlimited marketing narratives, and matter type-specific metadata and profiles.
  • Matter Profiling Lifecycle – Complete workflow capabilities to assist the firm in collecting the right data at the right time from the lawyers. Profile triggers based on hours, billable thresholds, and other milestones automatically assign matters for profiling. Profile reports, notifications, and management reports provide oversight to the process.
  • Intelligent Search – Powerful searching allows users to quickly and easily find matters, clients, and lawyers based a wide variety of criteria. Built-in facets easily narrow down search results. Google-like capabilities provide simple keyword searching and type-ahead suggested searches.
  • Expertise Location – Create rich user profiles to track the relevant skills and expertise for each lawyer. Approval process and control to insure the information is accurate and up to date. Languages, bar admissions, areas of law, and practice specific skills are easily searched. Data gathered from other firm sources is combined with self-nominated information to surface the right person for an assignment.
  • Client Profiles & Analytics – Combines data from time & billing, CRM, with the rich data managed in Foundation to provide a holistic view of your clients. Matter data is analyzed to provide detailed breakdowns on the type of work, timekeepers, and industries.
  • Parties – Provides ability to track parties related to a case or deal. Identify the number of cases before a judge or against an opposing counsel. Find the seller or target in a specific transaction along with their industry.

Proposal Generation

  • Branded Templates – Firm-branded templates allow users to quickly generate pitches, proposals, biography lists, deal sheets, and other documents without needing to worry about formatting or consistency.
  • Content Library – Library of boilerplate content such as firm overviews, industry/practice descriptions, press releases, publications, and other standardized content that augments experience information in proposal documents.
  • Client Logos and Tombstones – Client profiles support company logos, along with alternative company names for use in anonymized experience descriptions. Experience narratives support the inclusion of tombstone images.
  • Word and PowerPoint – Proposal generation tool creates well-formatted documents in both Word and PowerPoint format.

Advanced Marketing Features

  • Multiple Lawyer Biographies – Supports standard biographies, short form biographies, industry-specific biographies, and biographies created for other special circumstances to be used in pitches, proposals and the firm website.
  • Data Quality Tools – Provides tools for identifying missing or incorrect data and bulk edit capabilities to easily make updates. Mapping tools consolidate matter types, industries, and other data from external systems into manageable, consistent information.
  • Exporting and Reporting – Flexible exports and reports help manage marketing and business development initiatives.
  • Outcome Tracking – Tracks wins, losses, and other outcomes to identify most relevant experiences or to support business development metrics tracking.