Business-Driven Configuration

  • Easy Configuration – System configuration can be built and supported by the firm’s business user team. Authorized users can quickly add/edit fields, types, and profiles without the need for IT resources, consulting services, or customizations.
  • Firm Defined Taxonomies – Configurable data hierarchies and taxonomies for matter types, industries, and practice groups present data to fit the way the firm wants to structure its information independent of various legacy source systems. Includes common metadata out of the box to accelerate your deployment.
  • Firm Nomenclature – Configuration support allows the firm to change application nomenclature to fit the firm’s terminology and culture.
  • Ethical Walls – Confidential matters are protected by the firm’s policies found in common ethical wall systems.

Application Management

  • No Complex Upgrades – As part of the service, Foundation Software Group provides regular software upgrades and manages the implementation of all updates.
  • Robust Security and Permissions – Role-based permissions model allows for fine-grained control of data visibility and system rights.
  • User Management – Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration allow users to connect to Foundation Experience Management with their standard network credentials transparently via single-sign-on (SSO).
  • Full Audit History – Records every change and provides a complete audit trail to review user behavior and data anomalies.

Integration Platform and Tools

  • Intelligent “Hub” Sync – Consolidates data from different systems into Foundation’s central repository. Common systems for integration include Time and Billing (Elite, Aderant...), CRM (InterAction, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics...), Human Resources (PeopleSoft, Workday...), website CMS, docketing, and others. Hub sync technology removes the challenges of managing data flow and includes monitoring tools and backflow support.
  • Export Database and Rest API – Provides the ability to schedule exports to a simplified and normalized SQL database. This makes it extremely easy to access the information for inclusion in your firm’s intranet, SharePoint portals, or other firm applications. Application programming interfaces are also available to support your integration needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery

  • Single Tenant – Virtual private cloud solution provides each customer with their own servers, storage, and database to maximize data security and performance.
  • Security – Physically secure data centers, web encryption, and at rest encryption technology provides the data security, privacy, and control needed for large, international firms.
  • 99.9% Availability Guaranteed – Service level agreement guarantees reliable access to the system.
  • Automatic Backups and Disaster Recovery – Daily full backups. Fully redundant, regionally disparate data centers provide minimal downtime and smooth restoration of service in wake of significant negative events. 
  • Microsoft Azure – Solution is hosted by Microsoft Azure, the industry’s leading secure and trusted cloud service.
  • On-Premises Option