At Foundation Software Group, we are committed to providing a superior customer experience. Our team will ensure that you get up and running quickly and maximize the value you get out of our solutions.

Professional Services

There is more to successfully implementing our solution than just installing the technology. Our team works with you to understand your firm's processes, existing data, legacy systems, and culture. They are skilled at translating firm needs into business requirements, which allows you to get the most benefit from the powerful and flexible capabilities of Foundation Experience Management.

Available services include the following:

  • Implementation Services – Foundation Software Group’s technical experts guide the implementation and work with the firm’s IT and marketing staff to migrate data, install the software, and configure the solution. The team provides best practices based on implementations at other firms.
  • Training – To ensure ongoing success, project team training and knowledge transfer is included as part of the implementation.

Technical Support

Knowledgable, friendly help is available when you need it. Our team understands law firms and the technologies they use. You can relax knowing that the answers to your urgent questions are a phone call or email away.

Available support resources include the following:

  • Technical Support – To answer questions or troubleshoot issues, technical support is available during normal business hours via email ( For emergency support or in the case of a system outage, we can be reached via telephone at 1-630-848-9339.
  • Documentation – So you don't always have to pick up the phone when you have a question, documentation is provided for implementation-related guidance and ongoing reference.