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  • Strategic Relationship Management

A Roadmap for Client Growth

Foundation Strategic Relationship Management is the first solution to combine experience, financial, and CRM information in a single comprehensive client view to drive client growth, including: 

  • What work your firm has already done for a client
  • Who was involved
  • How much it was worth
  • What other work you should be doing
  • How they tally on relationship health indicators

Foundation simplifies the complexities of multiple client entries in your financial system, and hard to manage intricate relationships and structures among your clients. It provides a bridge across financial and marketing data to show you the full working relationship with your clients, uncovering insights not available in any single system on its own.

Relationship Management for Top Law Firms

A Key Component of Your CRM Strategy

Foundation is the missing top layer in your CRM technology stack. The Foundation data platform does the hard work of aggregating and transforming data from your time and billing solution and combines it with details from other internal and external systems.

Finally, a Single View of Your Client

A complement to generic CRM tools, Foundation shows you a full picture of your existing clients across practice groups, types of work, industries, and geographies. Combining enriched client, financial, and experience data allows you to segment across fields for strategic analysis and to prioritize targeted business opportunities.

Leverage client and experience knowledge across marketing and business development initiatives firm-wide

Practical Business and Client Insights to Grow Your Business

Expand Business Relationships

Use Foundation’s search and reporting capabilities to easily segment clients based on firm-defined criteria. Quickly identify the clients and segments most likely to deliver the greatest opportunity.

Mitigate Attrition Risk

Monitor key clients to catch warning signals that their firm commitment is waning. Mitigate risk by tracking partner engagement and a client’s ongoing activity across practice groups.

Target Cross Selling Opportunities

Leverage built-in white space reporting to easily discover cross selling opportunities. Identify clients who have engaged the firm in one area but not another. Supplement this insight with who-knows-whom data from your generic CRM tools to implement effective action plans.

Discover Who Knows What

A rich combination of experience, client, and people information makes it easy to discover who knows whom, who knows what, and who had done what type of work.

Assess Client Health & Performance

Key client analytics provide indicators to assess relationship health and inform client strategy at a glance. Analyze which clients are growing or declining, their cross-practice involvement within the firm, and their relative rank against other clients to maximize ROI.

Generate New Proposals

Easily combine matter, client, and lawyer information with custom boilerplate content to create highly-targeted, firm branded proposals, including the most relevant experiences for client requirements.

Our Firm Intelligence platform provides the foundation for knowledge management

A Single Intelligent Client View for Client and Practice Teams

Client profiles synthesize information from multiple sources to provide a strategic overview of your client’s relationship to the firm, including: • Health indicators • Engaged partners and practices • Client financials • Matter history • Portfolio companies • Key contacts, including alumni and board members • News and activities from outside sources

Easily Change Focus from Clients to Matters to People

Examine relationships from every angle by using Foundation’s intelligent platform to pivot across industries, markets, companies, lawyers, third parties, and more and then dig into the relevant details.

Track Portfolio Companies

Unlock the direct and indirect relationships and potential opportunities within holding companies, private equity firms, investment funds, and other interconnected clients.

Operationalize your firm knowledge with the Foundation Firm Intelligence platform