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No Silos with Foundation Firm Intelligence Platform
Law firms have an enormous amount of data that could be used to grow their business. But, it’s scattered among a number of data silos and business systems, including time and billing, HR, and generic CRM systems, and lacks the contextual information to make it meaningful.
The Foundation data platform is the first and only solution on the market to aggregate, synthesize, and transform this information into usable and actionable Firm Intelligence.
The collective intelligence in your data platform can be leveraged by integrated Foundation applications, and is easily accessible to other firm systems and analytics tools.
Law Firm Intelligence Platform

Powerful Data Collection, Consolidation, and Enrichment

Automated Knowledge Discovery

An extensible platform, Foundation passively collects information from your most relevant internal and external systems, so data is always up to date.

Transform and Normalize

Use mapping tools to synthesize disparate data sources and standardize nomenclature to create a clean, normalized data set.

Enrich with Valuable Details

Enrich your intelligence with AI enhanced matter profiling, triggered workflow collections, and defined approval processes to collect important details throughout the matter lifecycle.

Easily Configured

Authorized users can easily update Foundation to meet specific firm requirements. Add/edit fields, types, and profiles. No coding or technical resources required.

Flexible Taxonomies

Present data using firm-defined data hierarchies and taxonomies for matter types, industries, skills, and practice groups structured independently of legacy source systems.

Deep Data Indexing

Sophisticated indexing enables easy construction of complex searches across client, matter, timekeepers, and third party criteria, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

“Foundation provides the BEST data integration platform I've ever worked with. It's simple and safe, giving us the confidence to integrate multiple, valuable data sources.”

— George Kaytor, Director of Practice Services, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Share Intelligence Firm-wide

Firm Intelligence Integrations

Enterprise Search

Improve effectiveness of your existing enterprise search tool by exposing Foundation’s rich meta data about matters, clients, timekeepers, and related third parties.

Intranet Portal Integration

Make Foundation data available to those who typically spend their time on the firm intranet. Publish matter, lawyer, and client details to your portal for firm-wide accessibility.

Ethical Walls

Confidential matters are protected by the firm’s policies found in common ethical wall systems.

Intelligent “Hub” Sync

Hub sync technology removes the challenges of managing data flow between Foundation and other internal and external systems, including backflow and monitoring tools.

Export Database

Scheduled exports to a simplified and normalized SQL database make it easy to include Foundation information in your firm’s intranet, SharePoint portals, or other firm applications.

Rest API

Use Foundation’s application programming interfaces and webhooks to integrate with other firm systems.

A Complement to Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Foundation adds meaningful details and meta data to its cleaned, normalized data set that can be shared with other firm resources including your data warehouse and data lake.

The Foundation Firm Intelligence platform provides a single source of truth for analytics and reporting

Mission Critical Features

99.9% Availability Guaranteed

Service level agreement guarantees continuous, reliable access to the system.

Automatic Backups and Disaster Recovery

Daily full backups including audit trails. Fully redundant, regionally disparate data centers provide minimal downtime and smooth restoration of service in wake of significant negative events.

Frequent Simple Upgrades

Foundation Software Group provides software enhancements several times a year, managing the implementation of all updates.

Robust Security and Permissions

Role-based permissions model allows for fine-grained control of data visibility and system rights, down to field level security.

User Management

Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration allows users to connect to Foundation with their standard network credentials transparently via single-sign-on (SSO).

Full Audit History

Records every change and provides a complete audit trail to review user behavior and data anomalies.

Choice of Geography

Locate your Foundation instance wherever Microsoft Azure has a data center to provide the best possible response times and meet any regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Data Security

  • Single Tenant – Virtual private cloud solution provides each customer with their own servers, storage, and database to maximize data security and performance.
  • Microsoft Azure – Solution is hosted by Microsoft Azure, the industry’s leading secure and trusted cloud service.
  • On-Premises Option – Current version of Foundation’s cloud-based software is available for firms with client service agreements requiring on-premises hosting. Option for easy migration from the cloud if your requirements change.
  • Enterprise Level Security – Physically secure data centers, web encryption, and at rest encryption technology provides the data security, privacy, and control needed for large, international firm.

SOC Compliance

Foundation covered cloud services are audited at least every other year against the SOC reporting framework by independent third-party auditors. The audit for Foundation cloud services covers controls for organizational systems, internal controls, risk management, and security policies as applicable to in-scope trust principles for each service.

Foundation has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 reports. In general, the availability of the SOC 2 reports is restricted to customers who have signed nondisclosure agreements with Foundation. Read More in our SOC2 PDF.

AICPA SOC Compliance

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