Foundation Software Group Introduces Foundation Experience ManagementTM, New Enterprise Software Platform for Law Firm Marketing and Knowledge Management

June 2, 2016 – Foundation Software Group, a developer of next-generation enterprise software solutions for law firms, today announced the launch of Foundation Experience ManagementTM, a Knowledge Management (KM) software platform that makes it easy for law firms to leverage their collective work experience and the expertise of their lawyers.

The product, which is currently designed for use by large multi-office law firms, was created by a team of veteran legal software developers led by Nate Fineberg and Brett Balmer. Fineberg is the former CEO of Interface Software. Interface was the creator of InterAction, which is used by more than 70 percent of the AmLaw 100 law firms and was sold to LexisNexis in 2004. Balmer is an industry-leading technologist and was the founder of Scout Solutions, an innovative CRM software company.

“In conversations with marketing and knowledge management leaders at large law firms, we repeatedly heard that experience management is not just an imperative for marketing teams, it is critical for the whole firm,” said Fineberg, co-founder and president of Foundation Software Group.

According to Fineberg, the availability of relevant experience and expertise is necessary to many marketing activities — such as new client proposals, RFP responses, submissions for various awards and rankings, and website updates. It’s also very important to other practice support functions, such as finding the right people to staff matters and identifying similar past work to price services.

“The challenge is that the information about matters, clients and lawyer expertise is either spread out across various other systems or is locked away inside of the lawyers’ heads,” said Fineberg. “Our conclusion was there needed to be one single comprehensive repository that is tightly integrated with existing business applications and, at the same time, supports the collection of additional information during the matter lifecycle.”

Foundation Experience Management was developed in conjunction with leading large law firms over the past several years and has been live at firms for more than one year.

“We believe that Foundation Experience Management will disrupt the market for experience management tools within law firms and change the landscape in terms of how firms leverage this knowledge across nearly every aspect of developing business, serving clients and managing practices,” said Kate Cain, Director of Market Intelligence at Sidley Austin LLP. “This platform takes what is often thought of as ‘just a marketing thing’ and transforms it into what literally can be the foundation of a firm’s efforts to make the most of its experience and expertise in order to develop stronger connections with its clients.”

The platform integrates information from other business applications such as Time & Billing, CRM, HR and web content management, and the platform can easily be incorporated into the firm’s intranet or SharePoint portals.

About Foundation Software Group

Foundation Software Group is a developer of next-generation software for large law firms. The company is led by an accomplished team of professionals who have a proven track record of success in law firm application development. The company’s flagship offering is Foundation Experience ManagementTM, an enterprise software platform that helps firms leverage their collective work experience and the expertise of its lawyers. For more information, please go to