ILTA Marketing Technology White Paper Article Contrasts Foundation Projects at Two Different Firms, Addressing Unique Challenges and Goals

In the most recent ILTA Marketing Technology Mini White Paper and Survey, Jacqueline Madarang, Associate Director of Marketing Technology at Blank Rome, shares her experience being involved with Foundation projects focused on experience management and firm intelligence at two different law firms. 

According to Madarang’s account in the article Experience Management: A Tale of Two Firms, “Despite differences in goals, practices, and strategies for winning new business, many firms experience similar underlying pain points. I observed this first hand when making a recent move between firms.” 

She goes on to detail the challenges, priorities, considerations, and approaches that the firms shared during their selection and rollout processes, and also where they differed. Summing it up, she writes, “It’s exciting to see my former firm at the beginning of a journey with many opportunities ahead of them, as well as glimpse the possibilities at a firm like Blank Rome that’s well into their implementation.”

Read the full article, as well as the law firm marketing technology survey results, in the ILTA Marketing Technology Mini White Paper