ILTA Technology Solutions White Paper Provides a Roadmap for Delivering a Firm Intelligence Solution

Kate Cain, Director of Practice Information and Marketing Technology at Sidley Austin, had no idea of the twists and turns in the road ahead when she set out with her team to introduce a new source of internal firm intelligence in the form of a global experience management platform. Their ultimate destination was “nothing short of supporting the entire client relationship life cycle.”

According to Cain, “We started with a map and a sense of adventure. We also had the good sense to know that we needed the right co-pilot riding shotgun if we were going to reach that destination.” That co-pilot ultimately turned out to be the team at Foundation.

Kate’s article is a change management adventure, complete with side trips and lessons learned on the road to making the firm’s collective intelligence available to all its stakeholders. 

Read the full article to gain insight into how to navigate your next tech solution initiative in the latest ILTA Tech Solutions White Paper