2020 ILTA Martech Survey shows Foundation Firm Intelligence Platform the Clear Leader for Experience Management and Proposal Automation

Published at the end of January 2021, the latest ILTA Marketing Technology Survey results show that more firms indicated that they are using Foundation for Experience Management and Proposal automation than any other third party vendor. The percentage of firms responding that they use Foundation climbed substantially over the 2019 results.

Foundation leads for Experience Management and Proposal Automation

Foundation also led both categories in 2019, with roughly 12% of firms having indicated that they were using Foundation for Experience Management, compared to about 32% in 2020, and roughly 8% for Proposal Automation in 2019, compared to about 24% in 2020.

Additionally, Foundation was mentioned more than any other solution in response to the question: What is the most successful marketing technology at your firm and why? 

The 2020 ILTA Marketing Technology Survey was published as part of the January 2021 Knowledge Management and Marketing Technology White Paper. The martech survey provides a law firm marketing tech usage snapshot for 2020. 

The Foundation Firm Intelligence platform is a complete marketing and business development solution for law firms. It  includes integrated applications for Experience Management, Expertise Location, and Strategic Relationship Management — leveraging firm knowledge to win new business, improve client service, and gain insight into both the business and practice of law.

Read the full law firm marketing technology survey results in the latest ILTA White Paper and Survey