ILTA Peer to Peer Article Puts a Spotlight on Transformative Role of Firm Intelligence

What technologies are challenging the status quo in law firms today? The Spring ILTA Peer to Peer issue takes a stab at compiling the contenders. It highlights the new developments that are making the biggest impact, including Firm Intelligence. 

In the article, Firm Intelligence, Busting Data Silos in the New Decade,  Joshua Fireman and Todd Painter from Fireman & Company talk about how a  firm intelligence platform like Foundation provides an opportunity to establish data management best practices in conjunction with attainable results. The results they cite include, providing a 360° client view, improving enterprise search performance, being more responsive to clients, and capitalizing on opportunities.

The authors point out that need to know policies “place a firm intelligence platform at the core of a firm’s ability to function as a law firm under the least privileged security model, versus a series of client walled off silos under a single umbrella.” According to Fireman, “A firm intelligence platform is the way to maintain a firm’s value proposition as a law firm. It is clearly existential.”

Read more about how a firm intelligence platform can provide a strong data foundation for innovation in the ILTA Peer to Peer article.