ILTA Peer to Peer Article Highlights Role of Firm Intelligence in Diversity Initiatives

The most recent ILTA Peer to Peer issue puts the spotlight on diversity and inclusion in law firms. In the article titled Want to get serious about diversity? Use data,  Jasmine Trillos-Decarie and Breanna Schmidt from Stoel Rives make the case that facts and data are required to effectively track, report on, and guide the success of firm diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

The article highlights the role a firm intelligence platform like Foundation can play to aggregate data from disparate firm systems to uncover insights about diversity that are not otherwise easily discoverable and help move diversity programs forward. 

According to the authors, “[A firm intelligence platform] can contain a combination of data from multiple required sources and can easily show things like what matters lawyers have been working on, for how long, and for whom. This type of reporting could easily take a couple of data analysts weeks to complete without an integrated platform.” 

Read more about how data can drive diversity initiatives in the ILTA Peer to Peer article and wider issue.