The Need for a Data Platform to Improve Law Firm Business + Practice

A Foundation Customer Briefing

Strategic legal technologist and blogger, Ron Friedmann, recently took a deep dive into the topic of firm intelligence at large law firms. His research included interviews with six Foundation customers as well as several members of Foundation Software Group. The result is a briefing that details the need for, applications of, and numerous possibilities for a data platform.

Friedmann provides background on his history with Foundation and how the briefing came to be in this Prism Legal blog post. In the post, he calls out Foundation’s product over marketing mentality, “. . . That goes to the company’s philosophy of deliver, then discuss.” 

Friedmann observes three common themes across his customer interviews: 

  • The need to bring together silos of firm information to answer pressing firm questions.
  • The lack of contextual data to make the process of searching for, understanding, and utilizing information repeatable and scalable.
  • The understanding that if they could solve for the first two issues above, they’d be able to make substantive gains across the matter and client lifecycles, including increasing profits and improving client service.

If you’re looking for a primer on Firm Intelligence, this briefing is a good place to start. Download the full customer briefing here.