• Foundation Customer Success

We believe that your success is our success and that nothing short of a superior customer experience will do

We’ll be there for you as your start to scope out your project, giving you the training and tools you need to get up and running quickly. And, we’ll stick around to ensure that your firm is maximizing the value you get from Foundation.

Every customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager when they start with Foundation who will be with them from day one through successful ongoing use.

Professional Services

There is more to successfully implementing our solution than just installing the technology. Our team works with you to understand your firm's processes, existing data, legacy systems, and culture.

Best Practices

They are skilled at translating firm needs into business requirements, making sure you get the most benefit from our powerful Foundation platform and integrated applications for Experience Management, Expertise Location, and Client Management.

Guided Implementation

Foundation Software Group’s technical experts guide your implementation and work with the firm’s IT, KM, and marketing staff to migrate data, install the software, and configure the solution. The team shares best practices based on implementations at many other firms.

“The quality and attentiveness of the Foundation Customer Success team really stands out. While many companies put their best foot forward only before agreements are signed, Foundation has been impressive throughout the relationship. Their service and support keeps getting better.”

— E. Sue Marshall, Senior Project Advisor at Buckley LLP


Foundation’s configurable platform gives your team tremendous power to tailor Foundation to meet your firm requirements. We’ll teach you the essentials of how to get started with Foundation, how to get the most from the system day-to-day, and how to continually refine the platform to meet your ongoing needs.

Live Classroom Training

Foundation provides an in-depth three day training class to bring our customers quickly up to speed. New and experienced users walk away with product knowledge and best practices that can be immediately put to use and exchange ideas with other customers. Find out More

Live Webinars

Foundation frequently presents a variety of training webinars to help our customers learn about Foundation's features and capabilities. In addition to the basics, webinars catch you up on new release features several times a year.

Recorded Sessions

All training webinars are recorded and available to our customers on demand. Learn all about Foundation, from getting started sessions to product deep dives and best practices.

Technical Support

Knowledgeable, friendly help is available when you need it. Our team understands law firms and the technologies they use. You can relax knowing that the answers to your urgent questions are a phone call or email away.

Support Team

Get answers to your questions or troubleshoot issues with our team. Technical support is available during normal business hours via email.

Help Documentation

So you don't always have to pick up the phone when you have a question, documentation is provided to our customers for implementation-related guidance and ongoing reference.

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